New Year progressing

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So 2020 has found its way swiftly passing through a month already! There are things to look forward to and as ever I try to remain optimistic even through the down days of cold, grey, miserable days!

However as Mother Earth awakens, the catkins, mimosa, primroses and daffodils to mention a few are showing their beauty! Colour! It raises the spirits!

For those seeking recovery the end of perpetual cold is looking possible, another year survived and begun, things to look forward to and be positive about I hope. Life is so hard when locked into an ED, hard to see a way forward, hard to keep fighting every day, had to see the crack of light….. however you can get there, you deserve a better quality of life, a life where you are in control.

Sending love to all of you who kindly share my page, are interested in the journey my daughter and I went through, who help me fight to raise awareness of eating disorders and dispel the myths around them.

If I can ever help by being here and listening then contact me. AN kills, that’s a fact! AN is misunderstood, that’s a fact! AN is a mental health illness, that’s a fact! AN is a vile overwhelming illness, that’s a fact! People can live with AN and live in recovery, that’s a fact!

Universal hugs and love x

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