Two year anniversary

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Hi everyone so Wednesday will see me having spent 2 years without my darling Kae. Two years in which many things have happened and my belief in the Trust has been compounded by those around me. I have met many amazing people, found my spiritual guide, been financially supported and feel that there is much more to come.

My 8 year old grandson and I were talking about his Aunty Kae yesterday. Sadly he remembers little of the times when Kae was stable and adoring her nephew as a baby and toddler. He had clear memories of events and told me it doesn’t feel like nearly 2 years since he last saw her on the day before she died! He knows she struggled to eat and that there was a Voice that made it so hard for her.

It’s very cathartic for me to talk to a child with that innocence they possess. There is no fear or learnt reactions. Auntie Kae died because she was very poorly and couldn’t eat then died. He told me in January 2018 that he didn’t think Auntie Kae would be alive for his birthday in June, he was right! How did he know, what inner innate knowledge formed a thought I hadn’t had at that point, not really.

So, this time 2 years ago Kae was moved to the Hospice, her final physical journey.

I miss you Kae and am so proud to keep on talking about you, helping others and being your mumma.

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