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In these timeof hardship for so many I am so blessed to have such amazing support! I met a beautiful lady with an amazing kind soul recently. Alice has launched a campaign to funds for Kae’s Trust in Go Fund Me! At a time when it is fast approaching the 2nd anniversary of her leaving her physical body, so damaged and tormented by Anorexia and moving on to what lies beyond. When she died alone, my biggest regret not to have been lying beside her and holding her safe as her spirit rose.

Alice works in London and her corporate colleagues are raising money, giving amazing raffle prizes for a Cocktails and Canapés event this week! Their support is very humbling for me!

I am just a mum of 3 who lives in the beautiful Isle of Wight, a country girl really. I was chosen to be the mother of a beautiful, intelligent, kind, precious girl who sadly fell ill with Anorexia Nervosa aged around 14, actually diagnosed aged 18! She spent 3 tormented admissions to Eating Disorder Units and the 3 years in a residential care home for those with ED’s!

People don’t want to hear the story of death, they want to think everyone recover- they don’t! Some live in recovery with the illness controlling them but able to survive! Many die. It’s life an addiction that is the go to behaviour when things are tough, always being vigilant to relapse a way of life.

i am always happy to come and give talks or speak with groups to help! Universities, Medical Schools, NHS Trusts, trainings etc! Just get in touch.

if I can help anyone then please message me on here or email me at!

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