Difficult times

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We are living in very difficult times for everyone. Restrictions are not something that we are used to having to deal with in our everyday lives which are now very different to what they were. This in my opinion will become a time which is spoken of as before and after, a huge shift in many ways for all of us.

For some this is harder than for others. Those with mental health issues will struggle with the containment and anxiety related to that, the loss of choice will be a trigger for many who were doing ok.

For those suffering with an eating disorder the removal of their self-imposed restriction/excesses will be totally overwhelming in many ways. The resulting escalation in symptoms and slipping from recovery will show in the coming weeks. So please all be aware of how the services who are swamped with dealing with COVID-19 will have to then find the resources for the resulting issues that will occur.

It is an extremely worrying time for everyone and I know my focus is firstly around eating disorders and the impact on those who are fighting for recovery but many of these people are very vulnerable. I know that Kae would not have coped at all with any of the restrictions and in so many ways I am glad she does not have to undergo such mental torment.

Please stay safe, be kind to yourself and each other!

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