Beautiful poem by Rebecca Brogan

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Dear Mom,

I am still here. I am here for you when desperation creeps in between the spaces of our new realities. I am not gone. Every tear you shed, I collect it. I gather the rain, and to each drop I give life to the memories you and I have shared. I step into your dreams when you least expect it, and if you look hard enough, you can find me there.

Say my name. Remember me in the quiet moments. They will sustain you when the world intrudes and tries to drown out the sound of the conversations that you still have with me when you think no one else is listening. I am still here.

Mom, my soul is quiet now. It no longer yearns for the things my physical body needed to survive this particular battle. It took everything from me, and I know it took everything from you; you will never realize what that did to my spirit when I passed from that life into this one.

I know that you feel like you are losing your mind some days, but when you hear a heartbeat where none should exist, know that it is mine, keeping time with yours.

I am still here. I did exist. I left my mark upon this world, and I am at peace now.


Your Child ❤️

Wonderfully written by Rebecca Brogan ❤️

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