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As we head towards the next phase of the life changing ‘plan’ that we are being led through many questions go through my mind.

Personally I know that Kae would have been unable to cope with the restrictions forced upon her, not only because she was a rebel but also because the all invasive AN ‘voice’ would have been even stronger because of the triggers enabled by the regulations.

I am sure that all of those with MH issues are feeling extremely affected, I know that I am, but those in recovery will be severely triggered. A friend who has been alcohol free for 5 years came so close to succumbing and it was only crying out for help instead of going to the shop that saved him! Addictions are always there whether it be an ED, substance abuse, behaviours etc they will always be our go to in times of stress. So many people are suffering through lack of treatment for physical ill health as well! It is a very confusing time.

Remember to keep moving forward, don’t be dragged back by any degree! Removing something from your diet plan is so much easier than including it, the world’s a crazy place but don’t focus on that, focus on the now, recovery, maintenance and a life! Don’t lose it like my Kae!!!

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