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Hopefully you have the same as we do here on the Island with sunshine and blue skies after the storms.

Good Morning!

Things continue to move along with the Trust and I was honoured to give a talk to over 320 2nd year medical students on video link and hopefully give them the knowledge of this horrendous mental health illness which has previously been so lacking for medical students. Given the feedback, which was very positive, it is something I am hoping to be able to do again.

The dreaded C word used to refer to cancer and now refers to Covid. This illness continues to have a huge impact on everybody in some way or another. For those with Eating Disorders it is having a hugely negative effect on their recovery and ability to deal with everything. Being controlled is a devastating specific for those suffering and I know that Kae would not have coped with any kind of orders/laws and am sure she would have struggled even more than she did.

I apologise for my absence which has been partly to do with switching to this amazing laptop and becoming used to using it and also because my need for double hip replacements which has so far been delayed by around 8 months has led to huge medication to cope with the pain. However, I am back and once again will be now regularly updating.

I am part of a group involved with Dorset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Eating Disorders as they have come together to try and ensure that the same level of help is available to everyone. The Island has a huge hole in the provision of services and staff with knowledge to provide these services.

So, enjoy today, stick fast to any plans you may have made and please be kind to yourselves.

Sue x

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Good morning, for many of you it will be a white morning and for us here n the Island the usual grey, cold, day. It

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