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Good morning, for many of you it will be a white morning and for us here n the Island the usual grey, cold, day.

It saddens me that every day there is another person who has suicided or died due to a mental health illness. Yes, we have been fully aware that this would be one of the results of lockdown and the stark rules that many find impossible to follow. I know that Kae would have found this untenable. Not because she was any of he names people use for those who cannot follow the draconian rules but because her AN voice would have been louder than anything else, that she did not read or watch the news, rarely went on social media an so would have been happily ignorant,

It’s so simple to make judgements and these can cause so much pain and hurt.  I wish with all my heart that people could be kind to each other.

Take care my friends x

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