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Kaes Trust Support for eating disorders

Yesterday at 5pm the Red Arrows flew overhead. It was to mark the opening of the Isle of Wight Festival. There is something so awe inspiring about those incredible pilots. It makes me so proud that we, as a country, have such an iconic exhibition of skill. The sound that reaches a crescendo before you can see them makes the heart faster and then there they are in all their glory. I remember being with Kae and my grandson on the seafront at Ryde and they did a display across the water at Southsea so we had an amazing view. It was the wonder in the eyes of my grandson that made me realise the magic that they could provide. The iconic heart and arrow through it marking the end and for many children the love shown purely for them.

The last two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have been supporting a mum who has a very ill 17 year old. Having recently moved to the Island they had not had the support they should have before they moved and it took some belligerance and interference for them to receive urgent assistance here. Mum was great and refused to be pushed into anything, the services finally realised the desparation and danger that the young woman was in. Anoexia had already made a huge impact on the lives of all the family, as it always does, and was deeply entrenched. Currently she is receiving treatment at the local hospital and fingers crossed as to what the plans will be. That is the job that this Trust does. It helps the parents to help their child. I am not (as I continuously say) qualified in any medical or mental health way, I just have some information that sometimes can help. I have ears with which to listen and a belief that everyone who suffers from any eating disorder deserves to live the best life they can.

I was also contacted by a lady who knew Kae in 2014 when she had been in Bristol Priory and then had to be resuscitated and spent 7 weeks in Bristol Royal Infirmary. This beautiful lady with a special soul befriended Kae and spent time with her. For Kae that was the most precious gift you could give her, time. Having her hair plaited and her back stroked were times of abject bliss for her. Such simple gifts that for that short length of time she could allow herself to enjoy someone else giving her that gift of their time. I remember the lady well and when I heard from her it was like a real gift that she had known Kae and had wanted to contact me when she discovered that Kae had died. I am blessed by messages and emails like this as they give me another persons perspective on my beautiful child.

So, make the most of the sunshine while it lasts. Make the most of life and the joys that the simple things can give you. Laugh at the simplest of things, notice the daisies and the grass, recognise how lucky you are in so many ways. Enjoy your weekend and live for the moment! Love and light my friends x

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