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Wonderful news today with an email that the money raised by the National Lottery and distributed by Awards For All have agreed to fund Kaes Trust CIC for another year. It will allow us to include meeting with bereaved parents as well as doing work with those who have suicidal ideation. So celebration time for certain, this gives so much validation for the work that continues 24/7. No one can know how much this means to me to be able to continue whilst improving the awareness of eating disorders and mental health problems.

So I have some training coming up which will help me so much in my perceptions, training with MHFA who I give talks for and have done one for children and this is the adult course. Another course in understanding suicide and have also identified some research that I would like to undertake. This is a time for learning and sharing. I am doing two talks for the local NHS Trust for 1st and 2nd year students to give them a personal perspecitve of anorexia and my daughter’s struggles over the years. Giving a face to the name of an illness makes it so much better for them to understand and comprehend the actual life with anorexia.

I feel incredibly blessed that this has been approved and am now going to look at further ways of working with parents and carers, perhaps some collaborative work as well. Lots of thoughts in the pipeline and hoping to help more people this year than last year.

Thank you everyone!

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