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It is really shocking that with all the energy put into speaking openly about mental health illness and eating disorders that so much ignorance continues to be revealed. The latest debacle by Dame Joan Bakewell was when she referred to Anorexics as Narcissists, then expected the fact that she hadnt realised she was being recorded was enough. No apology. Nothing!

I would really like to have the chance to have an interview with her and explain the pain and suffering that this mental health illness causes. No not just a wish to look like the latest singer or model, not just a wish to follow the latest in vogue style, a death from starvation. Suffering of mental, physical and emotional pain for years. Having a tube put into your throat and food dripped into you so that you rip it out to stop the unbearable scenario always knowing it would go back in but a few seconds without it is worth it.

Be under no illusions that there is help, but not enough. There are experienced Dr’s, but not enough. There are too many suffering without adding to that with the indignity of ignorance.

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