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Its been a bit of a rough week this week. I think that I was deeply hurt by a local report which I felt disrespected my daughter, the work I do and that I am a legitimate Trust. Perhaps I am feeling over sensitive as many of us are after all we have been through. Mental health has taken a battering and still does with peoples unnecessary nasty comments and assumptions. However, today I shrug it off. My daughter endured so much with so little compassion that I can cope with a few mean words.

On the plus side I am in touch with a couple of people who are going to be such an asset to my understanding and helping others in different circumstances. We all have individual rides even with the same diagnosis or illnesses and learning from these awesome people will strengthen my Trust, and my Kae’s memory.

I may be a bit quiet or the opposite for the next week or so as I am going in to hospital tomorrow morning for my left hip replacement and then when recovered it will be my right. I will try not to post whilst under the effect of the anaesthetic!

I just want to thank everyone who every drops in on this page and reads, looks or messages me. The path we walk is a lonely and painful one which I feel I help people by talking about. No one knows the pain quite the same as someone who has walked that path. Denying the lack of services out there and the way those with eating disorders have been let down is of no help to anyone. We need more facilities, earlier diagnosis and honesty about the whole situation.

I will sign off now and hopefully pop on with good news next week and an additional piece of hardware installed! Thank you everyone.


Mother of Kayleigh Rose Barnes and two handsome sons x

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